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Conquerors of Atlantis[]

Conquerors of Atlantis (CoA) is the culmination of many community attempts at recreating Dragons of Atlantis (DoA) as a new game. CoA stays faithful to the original in many ways, while finding solutions to problems that DoA created.

CoA - Free to play Experience[]

Many changes have been made to the game, to enhance both new player and veteran player experience.

  • Fortuna Medallions and Tickets are loot from Anthropus Camps.
  • Certain speed-ups (Blink, Hop, Skip) can be found in low level Wildernesses and camps.
  • All Dragons are (and will be) accessible for free to play players.
  • All individual items are accessible for free to play players.
  • Wildernesses have been granted an exponential resource curve/level to better support active player farming.
  • Fortresses give a significant 100k capacity/level to tide over new players who aren't as active in their early days of playing.

Outpost Expansions so far[]

CoA currently features many of the original outposts from DoA

The CoA dev team plans to include as many of the original outposts as possible, as long as those outposts serve a purpose to benefit the gameplay experience.

Tournaments and Challenges[]

Challenges and Tournaments cycle weekly in CoA, where there are currently two weeks of challenges, one week of Tournaments, and an off week as to not burn out the community.

CoA Tournament UI

'Tournament' Scoring[]

CoA features an a PvP tournament system that gives points based on power of troops killed and resources looted. These points are balanced using a special Points Factor equation to help create a more level playing field between weaker and stronger players.

Balancing 'Challenges'[]

To prevent the exponential growth caused by challenges. Any troop rewards are added directly to the player arsenal instead of being an item that can be used to cheat gains in future tournaments. To help balance challenges, CoA requires specific troops to be trained in each challenge. Say goodbye to Conscript spamming!

Curbing Pay to Win in Events[]

Tournament and Challenges are an excellent way to improve your power and earn items. The Ruby spending roadblocks of DoA have been improved to focus on easing player experience instead of limiting. All power challenge tiers are completable as a Free to Play player!

Future of Conquerors of Atlantis[]

At the core of CoA's development is the mindset, "free to play first". This means the experience is to always be accessible and enjoyable by everyone.

Many issues in DoA stemmed from the release of overpowered pay to win (p2w) troops such as the Shadow Stalker, Volt Ranger, Dimensional Ruiner, and War Scarab. Subsequently, the developers of CoA plan to implement these troops, but only in ways that they are accessible for free to play players, while also not creating a power vacuum. The same applies to fan favorite features such as The Forge and Sanctuary.

The Forge and Sanctuary[]

While not implemented yet, these fan favorites are being held off until non p2w versions of them are implemented. Old players might remember the nightmare of trying to acquire the items to successfully enchant dragons to higher levels or the best dragons and abilities being exclusive to p2w challenges and tournaments. All Sanctuary Dragons, Abilities, Items, and Abilities will be available to even the casual player, thanks to the planned changes of the system.

Join the Conquerors![]

Conquerors of Atlantis community is joinable via Discord!