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The Sanctuary is used to breed your Guardian Dragons. The Dragons produced reside inside the Sanctuary and are unavailable to attack with. However, they may provide boosts to your Empire, Dragons, or Troops.

This page contains all boosts that are available! To see more information about these boosts, please visit the pages below.

BE ADVISED:  Before you go spending Rubies and Resources, according to the Kabam (from a support ticket), Sanctuary Dragon boosts are calculated on the unmodified, level 0 value of whatever is being boosted.  e.g. 100% Agriculture boost will be on base food production BEFORE any Science Center research is applied.

There are 5 different boost ability types: Attack, Defense, Empire, Life, and Speed. The pictures below show the lists when clicking on a boost in game as of 4/2015.


Attack Attributes


Defense Abilities


Empire Abilities


Life Abilities


Speed Abilities

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