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Outposts of atlantis

Outposts provide additional resources, increase population, and Garrisons. The Spectral Ruins is an Outpost that allows you to store and revive souls of troops fallen in PvP battles with other players. There are currently 7 (out of the original 16) outposts available.

Each Outpost has its own benefits to your empire. You are able to train new and improved troops from them.


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For more information about each Outpost, please visit the pages below! Full Outpost List in order of their Release Date:

Water Outpost Stone Outpost Fire Outpost Wind Outpost Spectral Ruins Ice Outpost
Water Outpost
Stone Outpost
Fire Outpost
Wind Outpost
Spectral Ruins
Ice Outpost
Solarian Highlands Chronos Cliffs
Solarian Highlands
Chronos Cliffs

The following is a list of buildings you may build and/or upgrade in your Outpost:

Currently the only outposts with a pre-requisite are the Ice Outpost and Solarian Highlands, to build them you first have to build the Spectral Ruins.

Right now Outposts don't influence the amount of conquerable Wildernesseses, which is fixed to 20.

The field is also available in Outposts and works the same as in the City.

Homes may also be constructed within your Outpost to expand your population.

The Spectral Ruins is a place where you can store the Souls of troops killed in combat with other players and revive them.

Warping Outposts[]

In the current version it is not possible to warp outposts.

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