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Outposts provide additional resources, increase population, and Training Camps. The Spectral Ruins is an Outpost that allows you to store and revive souls of troops fallen in PvP battles with other players. The Luna Plains, Skythrone OutpostSteelshard Caverns, Lost City, and Abyssal Palace are unique Outposts that have different buildings than the other outposts. None of the three contribute to population, resource gain, and regular troop training. The Luna Plains and Steelshard Cavern have their own unique training abilities. There are currently 15 outposts available.

Each Outpost has its own benefits to your empire. You are able to train new and improved troops from them.


Please use the tabs below to view more information!

For more information about each Outpost, please visit the pages below! Full Outpost List in order of their Release Date:

Water Outpost Stone Outpost Fire Outpost Wind Outpost Spectral Ruins Ice Outpost
Water Outpost
Stone Outpost
Fire Outpost
Wind Outpost
Spectral Ruins
Ice Outpost
Sunken Temple Gaea Spring Solarian Highlands Chronos Cliffs Skythrone Outpost Steelshard Caverns
Sunken Temple
Gaea Spring
Solarian Highlands
Chronos Cliffs
Skythrone Outpost
Steelshard Caverns
Luna Plains
Luna Plains

The following is a list of buildings you may build and/or upgrade in your Outpost:

All Dragon Steelshard Caverns's version.png

The Spectral Ruins can be obtained at any time, regardless of which Outpost you currently own. However, this Outpost is a pre-requisite for the Ice Outpost. This means that the original four (Water, Stone, Fire, and Wind) may be obtained after the newest released. Although, it would be difficult to farm 100k talismen with only the Great Dragon.

This is the order of which you can obtain Outposts, each line is a separate chain:

  • Water, Stone, Fire, Wind
  • Spectral Ruins, Ice, Sunken Temple, Gaea Springs, Solarian Highland
  • Chronos, Skythrone, Steelshard Caverns (These are not required in a specific order.)

Outposts allow you to conquer a number of additional Wildernesses equal to the level of the plain it was constructed on. The total number of Wildernesses you can acquire with a Level 11 Fortress and level 10 plains for your Water, Stone, Fire, and Wind Outposts and a level 10 Forest for the Spectral Ruins is 61.

You will NOT be able to conquer more wildernesses with the additions of the other Outposts.

Your Dragon Keep determines how many Fields you may produce in that particular Outpost. Resources gathered from the Outpost's Fields are placed in Silos and must be collected manually. However, Fields built in Outposts do not benefit from the production boosts given by Wildernesses. 

Homes may also be constructed within your Outpost to expand your population.

The Spectral Ruins is a place where you can store the Souls of troops killed in combat with other players and revive them.

The GAEA Spring produces resources twice as fast as the other Outposts; therefore, this is an excellent location if you would like to boost your resource production.

The Solarian Highlands gives 1.5x max population to any Homes placed in this Outpost.

The Skythrone has a different function that all the other outpost, no homes or garrisions, but it has new buildings that increase the Kaiser Dragons stats.

Suggested Builds

If you would like to see a few suggested build types, use the tabs below to look at some ideas.

The way you build your City and Outposts depends on your playing style, as well as the amount of time you have to invest in the game. This will just cover general builds, you should adjust to fit your preferences. These are designed to work with the build.

This is an example of an average build.

This is a build for people that have plenty of time to set training and building queues as well as farm resources.

  • 3-6 homes
  • Remaining City slots are Training Camps
  • No Silos
  • No Fields
  • Demolish the Muster Point and add another Training Camp
Reasoning behind this, each OP gives you a special troops that only that specific OP can train. Therefore, you want to be able to produce these troops as quickly as possible. More Training Centers reduces the training times. If you have 4-5 homes in each OP, you will have plenty of idle population to produce troops, AS LONG AS you do not build fields in your OPs. If you don't build fields in your OPs, you will not need Silos either. Resources should come from attacking other players or Anthropus Camps.

  • 4 homes
  • 22 Training Centers
  • No Silos
  • No Fields
Reasoning behind this, refer to the above information... as well as, this type of player will not be online to set troops often. Therefore, there should be plenty of idle population to set troops for long periods of time. Resources should be obtained through attacking players, so no need for fields and silos.

  • 5-8 homes
  • 5 Silos
  • Remaining slots are for Training Centers
  • Max Fields
  • Demolish Muster Point
Reasoning behind this: if you don't want to be reliant on raids for your resources, or prefer to use as few troops as possible, use this build. Refer to above information on OP troops. Each level nine silo holds 310,500 resources, and each level nine field produces 4500 an hour. So in order to have enough capacity to go without emptying your silos for ten hours you need 4500 resources per hour X 30 fields X 10 hours = 1,350,000 resource space required. 310,500 space per silo X 5 silos = 1,552,500 capacity. You even have enough space left over to go an extra hour without emptying. This also means your resource production won't stop, even if you go over your capitial city's storage capacity. (Note: this works best with a theater to help boost population levels, or at lower tax rates.)

  • 1 Garrison/Training Camp (except Fire Outpost)
  • Rest Homes
  • No Silos
  • No Fields
  • Tax Rate Zero
  • Demolish Muster Points

Reasoning behind this: with high idle population you will be able to mass train in large quantities. Use speeds to gain power rapidly. To do this you will need massive amounts of resources.

***Fire Outpost should have 1-5 homes max and the rest Training Camps. This will be your mass training location.***

  • 1/2 Mausoleums
  • 1/2 Dark Portals

The reasoning for this is that if you lose troops and your Mausoleums are full, you won't collect any of the souls. It may take longer to revive the souls because of less Dark Portals, but at least you will be able to collect them until you are able to. This can be altered depending on if you lose troops a lot or little.

If you lose troops a lot, you may consider adding more Mausoleums because you will be able to store more souls. If you lose troops a few at a time, you may consider adding more Dark Portals because you will not need storage much, but reviving quicker may be more appealing to you.

Warping Outposts

You can warp your OP to a new location by purchasing an Outpost Warp with rubies from the shop or by winning them from Fortuna.

To warp the OP:

  1. Obtain an Outpost Warp
  2. Conquer a Plain with a Level # equal to the Plain Level your Outpost is currently on (See Photos)
  3. Click on the Outpost Warp
  4. Select the plain you would like to warp to

Please Note: You can not warp an outpost if you have any troops in movement. If you attempt to warp you will receive an error message telling you that you can not move your outpost.

If you are using a charted warp, make sure you have already taken a level 10 plain. You can not use a charted warp without a plain to place your outpost on. If you attempt to move with a charted warp without a plain ready you will lose your warp when the error message occurs.

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