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There are Six different types of Items in Atlantis, each of which perform different functions throughout the game.

There are Three different methods to obtaining them, from the Shop, as Drops, or from Fortuna's chance. 

Shop Items

All items are offered on sale at various times for Rubies. Some of these items may be limited time only, seasonal/event, or available all year. For current availability, check the shop in game.

The prices posted on these pages are the original prices and are not adjusted for "Sale" costs. Therefore, prices may differ than what is shown below. "Sale" items in the Shop show their original price as well as the current price.

Drop Items

Some Items can only be found in Anthropus camps  or Wildernesses  as drops. For Items such as Elite Troop Items and Great Dragon Armor, You do not need to have a Great or Elemental dragon in order to obtain these. However, for Special items, such as the Kaiser Egg, armour or keys, a dragon must be included in the march.

Fortuna's Chance items

Fortuna's Chance and Vault items change on an almost daily basis, so there is no certainty of what is in there at any given time. Possibly prizes from Fortuna's Chance and Vault include Chests, Completion Grants, Curses, and Resources.

Types of Items

Six Item Categories as follows:

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