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Build a mighty city to conquer Atlantis. Your city is where all your troops are housed, your resources are stored, and where your main base is located. All troops produced are automatically transferred to your city. Resources produced in the Outposts must be collected to transfer them to the City. Population is combined from your city and your Outposts.

As you upgrade your Fortress, the appearance of your City on the map will change as shown in the image above. The small icon is for levels 1-5, medium is 6-9, large is level 10, and the four specific race art icons are level 11.

When you send troops, travel time is calculated from your City not your Outposts.

Level 11 and up buildings have Race Specific Art. But all cities have the same geographical layout. Your chosen character (Primus, Zolmec, etc.) will not affect the geography of your city. In addition, all Outpost layouts are the same. 

There are 4 buildings inside the City that cannot be destroyed. These are Level 1 when you start the game.
They are:

Other structures you can build in your City are:

Note: You can ONLY upgrade a building to level 10 if you have a Completion Grant and you can only upgrade your building to level 11 and above with an Ancestral Seal for each upgrade. Click the blue links for more details.

Please use the tabs below to view more information!

The way you build your city depends on the way you want to play the game as well as the time you have to devote to it. Most people agree that more garrisons is the way to go unless you have the money to spend on Rubies to buy Testronius Powder. But you will still need idle population, so you can't fill your City with ONLY garrisons... so there must be a balance. Adjust as needed to fit your playing preference.

  • All main buildings, no Theater, no Storage Vault, when desired level of Officers' Quarters has been reached it may be nullified with no loss of function, also when all research is done you may nullify the Science Center (wait until all new Outposts are released before destroying the Science Center, as new Outposts may bring new research categories)
  • 2 level 14 Houses in City and 2 level 14 Houses in each Outpost
  • Remaining building slots are all Garrisons

The above will give enough population to have 39 level 10 resource fields in the City Field, zero buildings in the Outposts Fields, and plenty of population to train troops.

The reasoning behind this is that it gives you 24 hours worth of troop queues for your City and each of your Outposts. Extra space for training camps means quicker troop training. You will learn how to protect your resources in other ways as you become a more experienced player.

  • All main buildings except Theater
  • 3-6 Houses
  • Remaining building slots are Garrisons
  • The above is assuming you have around 10 fields at level 5
The reasoning behind this, you must have enough population to build troops! And unless you start the realm and join an alliance that is well established, you have to have a few thousand extra pop for fields when you start out. If you don't have any fields, you can build less houses or just use the extra population for troops. If you are able to nullify the fields later, build less houses and more garrisons. The reason for no Theater is that you only really use it in the beginning and it is usually at the top of the list for nullifcation later on, therefore, it's better to just not build it in the first place. Storage Vault is a controversial topic... some like it, some do not. I find it useful even at 10 million power, because even if I am attacked overnight I can still set some buildings to build while I get my resources back. Level 10 Vault can protect 3 million of each resource, which is more than enough to set a few buildings. Resources should be obtained mainly from attacking other players.

  • All main buildings except Theater
  • 5-8 Houses
  • Remaining building slots are Garrisons
  • The above is assuming you have around 10 fields at level 5
The reasoning behind this, see above information, as well as... this type of player will not be online much during the week, therefore having enough population to set large troop builds is vital to growing and keeping up with other players. If you use this build in combination with the recommended build on the Outposts page, you should have enough population to set enough troops to last for a few days at a time.


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