Blue Energy.

Blue energy is one of the 8 resources (including the main four Resources, Anthropus Talismans, Gold, and Population) in Dragons of Atlantis. It's an important part of a quite a few things. One is summoning the Wraith Dragon, another is training certain troops, and it is also used to revive troops.

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Blue Energy.

Getting Blue Energy Edit

To get blue energy you have to attack anthropus camps to get Anthropus Talisman. Wait until you have 100,000 Anthropus Talisman. Next, you have conquer a Forest, doesn't matter what level, and build a Spectral Ruin. Finally, build Reaping Stones in the Spectral Ruin's Field, and you will start gaining Blue Energy 

Troop Uses Edit

There are quite a few troops that use Blue Energy as a training requirement. These troops include:

Dark Slayer --- Amount needed per 1: 10

Soul Reaper --- Amount needed per 1: 2

Venom Dweller --- Amount needed per 1: 1

Sand Strider --- Amount needed per 1: 75

Petrified Titan --- Amount needed per 1: 15

Arctic Leviathan --- Amount needed per 1: 400

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