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Until someone takes over this page:[]

  • use Guide:Dragons Of Atlantis Wiki-DSOTM on the wikia as a guide
  • use the ACE OF SHADOWS' GUIDE Facebook group page data as a guide. Apply to join the group page so you can see the data available. This guide contains accurate and full details on battle mechanics extensively tested by its author, and their peer group on the linked Ace of Shadows' Sanctuary Facebook group page since 2012.
  • Remember the Forge changes battles quite a bit so factor that into your battles.
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  • Also using your realm Facebook page can be helpful. If there isn't one, speak to some realm members about one.
  • Alliance Facebook pages are also helpful, as it is easier to contact alliance members through Facebook rather than waiting for them to get on Dragons of Atlantis

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Contributing Factors in Battle Mechanics[]

  • Sanctuary Boosts
    • Codex - Show all Sanctuary dragon abilities
  • Forge Equipment - Boost troops stats
  • Calculating stats affected by all sorts of boosts
    • Defense - Damage a troop blocks
    • Life - How much damage a troop takes before dieing
    • Melee - Damage a unit inflicts up close
    • Range - Distance from which a troop can hit
    • Ranged - Damage a unit afflicts from far away
    • Speed - A rate of motion a troop moves across the battle field and a determining factor in who attacks first
  • Attacking Troops - Person attacking sends these
  • Defending Troops - What you put on the wall for defense
  • Battle Arts - Dragon Battle Arts are used on offense and defense.
  • Best Wall - Honestly is no Best wall as any wall can loose troops