Places where magic and nature meet. This convergence is known as a Gaea Spring. These Gaea Springs are the most fertile lands in Atlantis. Any resource generating building built on these grounds will yield resources twice as fast.

The rare dragon of these springs, the Amber Crest Dragon, has resource generation abilities as well that may help you recover more resources from Wildernesses you attack, although you have to attack a non-owned wilderness to get the resource boost.

This dragon can currently be upgraded to level eleven (11).

The Amber Crest Dragon may be bred with other Dragons in the Sanctuary. Initially, the Great Dragon is the only female Dragon available until after you successfully breed another female.

Note: When using your Amber Crest Dragon to farm resources, you must send it with enough transport troops to carry 10 million resources.


Gaea Spring

The Amber Crest Dragon's Egg is found by defeating Level 7+ Forests.

This Dragon's Amber Vestiments may be obtained from Level 7+ Forests

Amber Vestiments are automatically equipped when it is found. If it is not, you may need to contact Kabam Support. Amber Vestiment pieces may be obtained anytime before or after the Dragon is level 8.

Note: If you feel stuck and are not getting the egg when you are waving, try to wave a different forest. The chance to find the egg is random, wich means it is different from forest to forest.

After finding all 4 pieces of Amber Vestiment, you will be ready to send your Dragon to battle!

Higher levels of Aerial Combat make your Dragons more efficient in battle.

ACD wounded

This Dragon has a long healing time and may only be used on rare occasions. This Dragon has the unique ability to extract resources from Wildernesses and should only be used for this purpose.

The Amber Crest Dragon has an unique ability and the long healing time is required to prevent exploitation of its ability. Its healing time is long regardless of your level of Aerial Combat, but it is possible to include the dragon in a march twice a day.

The Amber Crest Dragon has the special ability that allows it to gather 10mil of the corresponding resources when sent on an attack to a Wilderness regardless of the Wilderness' level. This does not work if wilderness belongs to someone. You must also send enough troops to carry the 10 mil resources back, your Amber Crest Dragon cannot carry resources without transport troops.
Troops that can carry 10M food:

  • 2k AT
  • 1667 PD

Resources produced in the Gaea Springs will also produce twice as fast as they would in other Outposts making this an excellent place to build fields if you would like to produce more.

Resources this Dragon may summon: (Once per day)

  • Lake: 10M Food
  • Savanna: 10M Food
  • Forest: 10M Wood
  • Hill: 10M Stone
  • Mountain: 10M Metal
  • Plain: 10M Random Resource

Dragon levels are achieved by upgrading the Dragon Keep in the Outpost.

Level Description From Game
1 You have acquired the rare egg of an Amber Crest! Soon it will hatch and help your people prosper.
2 The tiny baby dragon romps around its forest home.
3 The baby Amber Crest plays within the forest dwelling. It seems inquisitive and playful.
4 The young dragon begins to show its healthy vitality. Its friendly demeanor is loved by the people of the spring.
5 Life springs forth from the Amber Crest dragon as it grows heartier.
6 The Amber Crest grows larger and with it, its abilities within nature. It protects the spring well.
7 Your Amber Crest nears adulthood. Soon it will be able to begin helping your resource efforts.
8 The Amber Crest Dragon looks magestic in its forest home. Now that it is of age, once equipped with armor, it can generate resources from the lands it attacks.
9 The Amber Crest has grown strong. It is now able to venture forth from its keep without fear. The citizens of the spring heap great praise upon it.
10 You have raised one of the mightiest Amber Crest Dragons in Atlantis.Its life is abundant and its ties to its forest home cannot be broken.
11 Within this massive tree centered in the Gea Spring is the space your Amber Crest Dragon calls home.

Requirements for Keep Upgrade and Power Boost (Levitation Lev.0)

Level Food Gold Lumber Metals Stone Time (Levitation Lev.0)
2 800 3,000 5,000 1,400 2,400 6m 0s
3 1,600 6,000 10,000 2,800 4,800 18m 0s
4 3,200 12,000 20,000 5,600 9,600 48m 0s
5 6,400 24,000 40,000 11,200 19.200 1h 36m 0s
6 12,800 48,000 80,000 22,400 38,400 3h 12m 0s
7 25,600 96,000 160,000 44,800 76,800 6h 24m 0s
8 51,200 192,000 320,000 89,600 153,600 12h 48m 0s
9 102,400 384,000 640,000 179,200 307,200 1d 1h 36m 0s
10 204,800 768,000 1,280,000 358,400 614,400 2d 3h 12m 0s
11 204,800 0 1,280,000 358,400 614,400 4d 6h 24m 0s

Dragon Stats

Level Melee Ranged Defense Life Speed Range Load
1 0 0 0 0 0 1500 0
2 400 400 100 60,000 300 1500 0
3 800 800 195 100,000 300 1500 0
4 1459 1459 418 204,089 300 1500 0
5 1747 1747 702 319,273 300 1500 0
6 2055 2055 955 442,541 300 1500 0
7 3379 3379 1079 572,189 300 1500 0
8 4717 4717 1517 707,165 300 1500 0
9 5066 5066 1902 846,733 300 1500 0
10 6425 6425 2105 990,357 300 1500 0
11 8031 8031 2631 1,485,536 400 1500 200,000

Troop CompatibilityEdit

Because of their stats, some troops are more compatible than others with troop types. This is typically due to incompatible ranges or speeds.

Dragon Compatible Troops Best Troops Incompatible Troops
Amber Transport

Note: Do not mix ATs and PDs together. Use one or the other, not both.


Below are images that show how people obtained their Dragon Armor as well as different Scales (Dragon Body color) and Armor combinations.

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